In Pursuit Of African Music Cds & Vinyl

I followed a path to Sterns Music located, as I rememberedin central London, which used to be the #1 retailer for African music in the world. The English gentleman there explained that, unfortunately, they now only sell on-line. Id also caught wind of a New Jersey branch of Sterns here in the US, and reached out to them, only to the same response. After a few more calls and conversations, I found my destination. First I would head to Los Angeles, California to Amoeba Music ,probably the only mega-music store remaining in the US, and browse their African music section to see if they had anything of interest. Second, I would make plans to travel to Africa later in 2012 or early 2013 for recordings of local contemporary music. Sterns suggested a trip to South Africa, as the formidable Gallo Record Company still owns over 75% of recordings ever made in South Africa.
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